Thursday 12 July 2012

Answer these common networking interview questions

These are some of the basic networking questions, but every time i ask these 90 % of the people give answers wrong. Try it and post in comments , lets see ...

1) What is destination mac address in ARP header ?

2) What is destination IP address for any DHCPDISCOVER packet ?

3) What tables/statistics/parameter bridge will modify/update when any packet it receives for the first time ?

4) If i have 390 switches in between PC1 and PC2 will they ping ? what will happen if i change switches with routers ?

5) What is maximum and minimum converge time for STP ( spanning tree protocol ) when they will come?

6) Your desktop PC is it a router or bridge ?

7) Why IP address is required for pure L2 switch, nno routing functionality ?

8) What will happen if you  ping from PC ? What tables and parameters is looked into before sending the packet out?

9) Lets say a single broadcast packet is received by a 4 port switch on one of its port, now how many packets it will generate and send to all ports?

10) How tftp protocol identifies if the file transfer is finished? Is there any bit in message exchange which signifies this?

Please post your answers....