Wednesday 11 July 2012

How to convert OmniPeek capture file to Colasoft frame format

Omnipeek is wireless network analyzer tool. It has free Demo version. With the demo, we can create up to 5 capture windows, which are limited to 2,000 packets or 5 minutes of capture whichever comes first.

Each capture window can only capture once. Also, we can not save files or print.

If you have licensed version of it, you can capture the wireless packet and send it using Colasoft packet player to simulate the traffic.

Colasoft packet player/builder are free network, software tools from Colasoft company.

To open Omnipeek packet capture in Colasoft we have to save it in specific format. The Colasoft wont recognize the direct saved packet from Omnipeek.

1) First capture the packet in Omnipeek.

2) Save the packet as wireshark file ( extension will be like xyz.pcap)

3) Open the saved packet in wirehark. Now save the packet with extension "xyz.pkt"

4) Open Colasoft player or builder , you should be able to import the saved packet and play it continuously.