Sunday 24 June 2012

Review of opendocman: Document management system (Free software to manage documents)

Opendocman can be downloaded from :

The installation is easy it needs a webserver with PHP and MYSQL. I have Xampp with me ( and i downloaded opendocman. 

After installation these are some important points:

  • Added document will be visible to same department all members. If "A" and "B" are in same department, "A" will see all documents uploaded by "B" and have admin rights for the same.
  • Admin has all permission for all files
  • While uploading the documents we need to select the rights for other departments specifically or we can “Set all department to” only “view” rights. Now other people can see and download it but cannot modify it.
  • File versioning is supported. We can see all revisions of file. We need to check out and check in the file with same name.
  • Once file is checked out by someone, the status is shown in red with “x” mark.
  • The same person has to check-in the file, which has checked out.
  • Even if the file is checked out, other people can still download and view the file, but they cannot modify and upload again.
  • History of the file will display the modification date and the revision log and previous versions of the file.
  • The deleted files are archived and through admin account, can be recovered.
  • Files can be searched with name.
  • Some file types are not supported but file types can be added through admin account.

Some issues

  • Sub directories are not supported so all files will be in single page.
  • File name with “spaces” are not allowed. Some special characters are not allowed.
  • Checked out file status can be seen but “who” has checked out information is not available.
  • Search within file is not possible.
  • Each document has to be given separate permission to other users/departments. Basically as folder structure is not supported. All documents are individual items. 
  • No LDAP authentication

Other features which i have not touched:

  • File expiration.
  • “Review” process 
Looks like great tool for small organisation who doesn't have many documents. Hopefully i can use it once sub-directories are supported.