Friday, 22 June 2012

How to disable VLC audio track display pop-up

Oh it was so irritating. To disable it we have to do following.

Go to Tools-> Preferences -> All -> Interfaces -> Main Interfaces -> Qt ->and un-check Notify on track change.


  1. Very Helpful and it works! :)

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  3. Hi,

    In recently upgraded my antiquated VLC in Windows for version 2.07. I had the issue mentioned in this page. First I did not have a menu bar, but could find the "Tools" option in the context menu (with a right mouse click, SHIFT+F10 does not work). Then I could not dig up the "Notify on track change" option mentioned above. It might have gone in this version. Instead, the following worked:
    1. Select "Tools > Preferences" in menu;
    2. Select the "All" radio button at the bottom left;
    3. Select "Interface" top item on the left pane;
    4. Uncheck the "Interface interaction" checkbox (second to left on the right part of the dialog)
    5. Click on "Save"

    Hope this helps.



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