Sunday 24 June 2012

Career Path for freshers in embedded systems ?

a) How a fresher can enter into embedded systems domain ?

Generally in embedded systems companies there are three types of jobs for fresher :-

  • As a developer 
  • As a tester
  • As a document writer

 b)  What exactly are their job profiles ?

  Developer : Who writes code
  Tester   : Who tests the code
  Document Writer : Who documents the things and prepare User manual etc.

c)  How will be the Salary for these ?

    Developer : Highest
    Tester : Equal or slightly less than developer
    Document Writer :  less than Tester

d) How you can decide which one to join as fresher ?

    It all depends on your written test and Interview. Generally all freshers has to give written test. Prepare well in C and C ++ , chances are if you do well in reasoning and coding section . You will be given priority as a developer.

    If you have talent for writing/communication you can join documentation team. These is less fight there and communication is only criteria, other things you can manage.
   Generally fresher has less choice when they have to join in development or testing team. It all depends on your attitude and how to end up in interview. Its always good to revise about your subjects and learn more and more about final year project.

   Generally for freshers the expectation is they should know what they have done in their graduation and programming knowledge of C.

e) Is certifications help in getting jobs?

  YES and NO. It all depends on how much you can talk about them and know them in detail. IF you have lots of certifications but you were not able to answer some basic questions like " name all OSI layers" or "write a simple function to check palindrome" then its of no use. But if you have some basic knowledge and you use certification to gain more knowledge, it will definitely gives you an edge over other candidates.