Wednesday 26 June 2013

Answer these DHCP protocol related interview question !

Post your answers in comments.

1) DHCP is based on which protocol ?

2) Can DHCP Server, itself can be DHCP client ?

3) DHCP supports three types of IP allocation schemes. What are they?

4) In which allocation scheme the IP address reuse is allowed?

5) How many types of DHCP messages you know or have seen it, how many are their in standard?

6) "DHCP is not used for configuring routers" this statement is true or false and why?

7) On what parameter the DHCP server decides, to send its OFFER as unicast packet or broadcast packet?

8) How do you identify the DHCPREQUEST packet is sent at init time, T1 time or T2 time?

Later more, Keep learning , Keep sharing!