Friday 20 July 2012

When you should think about changing job ?

This is one question which i came across myself many times in my career. These are few of the questions which are asked my juniors ...rather as a friend or mentor .  In professional space its really very difficult to get good mentors and if you have one you are lucky.

"Should i go for job change, should i look for better opportunity ? Should i settle down here ? What if , yesterday they fire me ?  "

You should know below things as a common practice :

1) If you have been in 1 company for 2-3 years , it is a good time frame.

2) If you are changing company in less than two years, you should think again before changing jobs.

3) Look profitability graph of you company if it is in continuous loss for three years, chances of  "trimming the heads count " will be more.

4) If you join some company, join for at least 2-3 years time frame. If you don't like the company , leave the company within 2-3 months of joining. Don't waste your time or company's time.

5) Money/Salary will always be less, compared to what your friends are getting. So dont think too much about money.

6) If your sole purpose is money , try to jump every 2-3 years to new company.

7) Same company if you are more than 5 years , expect your salary to be less than other new people joining at same rank.

8) MNC's always pay more than Indian companies. But chances of getting fired is more in MNC's than in Indian company.

9) If you are comfortable with job profile and work , dont think about money too much. You will be happy. Spend more time with family. They are essential part of you life.

10) When you join as a fresher, work hard, don't settle in one company. Look for new opportunities, but at least work for 2 years in any company. World is large and one company does not give enough exposure and chance of learning.

I know people who are earning too much, but have too less time to spend even for themselves. They will buy new houses but hardly they stay in them. Life in the end is "Zero". You have nothing when you are born and in the end you take nothing.

So be smart and plan properly your Career.  Corporate jobs are not Government jobs. So be ready for any situation, anytime. Your main aim always should be "Knowledge" . If you have "Knowledge" money will always follow. So pursue "Knowledge" not "Money".

Keep learning and Keep sharing.