Monday 23 July 2012

Review and installation of OpenKM ( Part 2 )

Few Days back i have started reviewing software for Document management system. I came across few and OpenKM seems the best out of it for our requirements.

We have some departments, some users, and some documents. Internal documents to be managed for each project.

You can read about installation process in my another blog entry

So with this software I was able to do following things :

1) Create Folders, Sub-folders. Rename/Move/Copy/Delete Files and folders.

               if you are creating folder and giving some name to it, It doesn't seem to do anything. We need to click "Enter" after that, to create the folder immediately. The same applies to "Rename" also. If you have to rename the folder. After renaming-> "Enter".

2) We can upload multiple files using import zip option.

              Create zip folder of all your documents and while uploading "tick" import documents from zip file.  Lets say you have folder "ABC" with 10 documents.
then zip "" and upload. In DMS the folder ABC will be created with all 10 files in it.

3) "Delete" permission can be removed for normal users after creating a new profile. In new profile remove "Delete" operation.

4) The activity log will give all details of users logged in and work done by them.

5) Move/Copy/Delete of multiple files are not supported in ver 5.X. It should be supported in Ver 6.X community version.

6) File Versions are created if we check out the file and check in. But the versions cannot be controlled in Ver 5.X , hopefully Ver 6.0 will have some control on it.

         As of now it will go on creating 1.n versions of the file. If you go back and restore lets say 1.2 and make some changes, it will start creating 1.2.1 etc.

7) Application becomes unresponsive sometimes and if you leave it for sometime, it recovers or exit and login again.

8) Recursive Security permission for user and groups are working. The important thing is in Security-> update-> First check the "recursive permission changes" and then do something. It  will only overwrite the existing permission but do not touch the other permissions. Lets say you have 1 person which has read write access to all folders , now if you want to add another one with only read access. First check recursive permission changes and then add new user. The existing user permission will still be the same.