Wednesday 9 May 2012

ICICI Prudential Website Errors ( Login error : Failure of Server APACHE bridge)

I had to pay insurance premium so i tried to access the website , . I logged in after two attempts. It was very slow.

A) When i clicked on home page i got this error :

I did some Googling for this problem and from ONT forums, found like:

"The error usually means that the web server can't communicate with the other web applications such as shared services/ workspace."

Below answers to fix it :

  • Increase the WLIOTimeoutSecs in the filles - HYSL-Weblogic.conf, iisproxy.ini
  •  Edit <instance home>\config\OHS\ohs1\moduleconf\forms.conf (or the corresponding .conf file where you have defined the <Location> with the URI of your J2EE application) and set DynamicServerList On (it will be Off by default) . 
  •   The issue was the web server is not having enough memory to allocate multiple process running in parallel. You can look at JVM optimzation on web server process.
  • Stop and start the OHS component, by default ohs1

B) When tried to click on other links got below error messages:

Hope they improve their website and get it tested properly with load, stress tests as well.