Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tools to generate multicast traffic.

Below tools can be used to generate multicast traffic:

1) VLC player : This tool has a wizard, which can be used to generate multicast traffic.

This is the best one and I am using it for close to 5 years.

2)  Various good tools for generating multicast traffic, with good explanation on how to use them:

3) Iperf : It is very powerful tool, and can be used in number of ways:

To generate multicast stream use command:

Client; iperf -c -b 50K -t 300 -T 5 -u 1234 -i 1 -l 136

Server : iperf -s -B -u  -i 1

4) Nortan Multicast Hammer:  It was very nice tool and we used a lot but officially they have removed it ,from their webpage.

5) Qcheck : From IxChariot, free tool to download but registration required.


  1. Hi there, can i please get a copy of Multicast Hammer. You should be able to see my email ID from my profile. Thanks!!

    1. The file is of 20 MB, exe file. Gmail dont allow this type of attachment. I wish, someone officially make this tool available to others.

    2. Possible to zip & spilt into 2 files and email to me?
      VLC & Qcheck multicast testing does not work for me and it's driving me crazy, thanks!



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