Sunday 29 April 2012

Tools to generate multicast traffic.

Below tools can be used to generate multicast traffic:

1) VLC player : This tool has a wizard, which can be used to generate multicast traffic.

This is the best one and I am using it for close to 5 years.

2)  Various good tools for generating multicast traffic, with good explanation on how to use them:

3) Iperf : It is very powerful tool, and can be used in number of ways:

To generate multicast stream use command:

Client; iperf -c -b 50K -t 300 -T 5 -u 1234 -i 1 -l 136

Server : iperf -s -B -u  -i 1

4) Nortan Multicast Hammer:  It was very nice tool and we used a lot but officially they have removed it ,from their webpage.

5) Qcheck : From IxChariot, free tool to download but registration required.