Friday 27 April 2012

Tools to generate broadcast traffic

We have following tools to generate broadcast traffic :

1) ping command :

  In Linux : ping -f -b "network-address"

  In Windows : ping "network-address"

E.g.   ping -f -b ( Linux)
         ping ( (Windows)

2) Lanevel tool : A very easy-to-use interface for generating broadcast traffic.

You can download from here:

3) Iperf :

Server :
iperf -c -i 2 -t 60 -b 10000 -u"

"iperf -s -i 2 -u"

This will work fine for windows client,but may have problem with Linux .

4) Colasoft Tools :

You can copy one broadcast packet and play it using Colasoft player.

If you know any other tool , please let me know.