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How to Display file extensions in Windows

How to Display file extensions in Windows 

Display the File extensions
 Windows OS contain an option to "Hide file extensions for known file types". The option is enabled by default, but a user may choose to disable this option in order to have file extensions displayed by windows. After disabling this option, there are still some file extensions that, by default, will continue to remain hidden from the user.
There is a registry value which, if set, will cause windows to hide certain file extensions regardless of user configuration choice. The " NeverShowExt" registry value is used to hide the extensions for basic windows file types.
This can be useful when thevirus affects the pc, sometimes the extensions are changed and we will not notice it.
 Remove all occurrences of the value "NeverShowExt" from the registry

1) Start >> Run >> Regedit
2) From the "Edit" menu, select find
3) Uncheck the "keys" and "data" entries under "Look at", and ensure that "Values" entry is checked
4) Enter "NeverShowExt" in the "Find What” box and click "Find Next"
5) When a value is found, right click on the value name and select "Delete"
6) Press F3 to find the next occurrence of "NeverShowExt"
7) Repeat the previous two steps until all occurrences of "NeverShowExt" have been deleted from the registry
8) The computer will need reboot for changes to take effect.
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