Saturday, 17 March 2012

Embedded System Testing Interview Questions

Embedded System Testing Interview Questions

To enter into Embedded System testing you should know what things you should study and what interview questions are asked . If you want to make Embedded system testing as your career some of the questions asked are :
1) Why you want to choose  embedded system testing as your career?
The answer could vary from person to person , you should show your interest and eagerness to learn about the embedded systems and networking protocols. Give interviewer impression that you like knowing about this.
2) Which embedded platform you have worked or you know ?
It depends on your experience on which you have tested or if you are a fresher you can just tell I am new to it and does not have much idea about it .  In market today we have many RTOS (Real time operating system) :
  •  Green Hills RTOS
  • Free RTOS
  • Embedded Linux
  • Enea
  • Wind River
  • QNX
  • Mentor/Acck
  • LynuxWorks
  • MontaVista
3) What is OSI layer ?
We should know about OSI layer and in which layer they work . Also Embedded system testing interviews will cover in depth of all protocols like ARP, DHCP, SNMP, SMTP, diff between routing and switching, diff between TCP and UDP protocols.

Some more are updated at my another blog entry:

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