Thursday 5 January 2012

What to explain to prospective employers if you were fired from your job?

Recently some employees were let go by the management because of some issues. One of them asked me "What reason should i tell when i go to the interviews" ?

 My answer was : It all depend on the interviewer and the location of the company.

You have below options :

 1) Tell them some personal reasons like your marriage, sister marriage , parents health, only son, maternity, small kid . So because of these reasons you wanted some 1-2 months of break and the company was not ready, so i resigned.

 This will be the case in which your company has given you enough time and not fired suddenly. And your relation is still good with old company.

 2) Change of Place : Lets say you were working in India. Hyderabad and searching job in India, Bangalore. Tell them something like I am planning to settle in Bangalore so resigned and now relocating/relocated to Bangalore.

 3) Change in Management: Whenever there is change in Management of the company Like XYZ bought ABC and you are employee of ABC, you can state this reason as New Management has taken decision to close your product line/ your group.

 4) Change in Company Policy/Strategy : As you company is restructuring the resources they have to let go few good individuals and you are one of them.

 5) Job Done/finished : You can tell them you were hired for some work to be done and its done.

 Its always good to be honest. You should be aware of the reason you are being fired. If it something related to above well and good no body minds that and it should be fine with new employers.

 As economy has its own dynamics it affects all.So everybody is aware of it.

 If you were fired because of low expectation/under performance , reevaluate yourself. Write your week points. Don't get frustrated. Don't quit and change profile. Don't panic. Learn from your failures and try to improve. Remember failures are only stepping stones for your goal. See any biography of any successful people, they were like you at some point of life. Just think positive and try to improve.
 For this reason you can say that, i was not good for the position so i left and i learnt this thing and if given chance i can prove myself. Even if first employer wont agree there are people who will not hesitate to give you another chance. Use it wisely and don't repeat your mistakes.

"Keep Learning , Keep sharing"