Thursday 5 January 2012

[Project-Open] : Error in Workflow

We are using Project open for quite sometime and it is useful for project management like task allocation and time sheet entries. We wanted to extend it for HR related like Leave approval process.  We were using 3.4 version and upgraded tp 3.5 version. We are using Windows XP 32 bit in Vmware.
There is one section known as Workflow which caters to these requirements. But when we upgraded the server we observed below error :

" Error executing 'dot' GraphViz: We have encountered an error executing the GraphViz external appliction to render your workflow graph. Here is the detailed error message: child process exited abnormally " 

To solve this as i got information in Project -open forum i did this:

1) The dot.bat file is present in openproject\bin folder . As per suggestion i changed below ===================================== 1. go to the <project-open install dir>/bin directory 2. edit the file dot.bat and change "w32oacs_dot.exe" into "dot.exe" ===================================== 2) Restarted server, rebooted the VMware and the actual machine.

It did not worked basically i tried changing acs-workflow path also to absolute path in c:\..

Somewhere in project-open tracker i came across one bug which mentioned installing dot net for VMware installation for 2003 server but the same error was still coming.

So thought of giving it a try and installed Dot net 3.5 SP1. And it worked !! At least the error was gone but still graph was not getting displayed. 

This time again I changed the Admin -> Parameters-> acs-workflow parameters to default one i.e. back to :

./bin/dot.bat ./servers/projop/tmp 

and everything just started working.  

I can edit/add workflow and see the graph too.

WoW !!! Relief !!!! 

But :-) This was the first step in using Workflow , now i need to see how it works and how we can make use of it.

"Keep Learning, Keep Sharing"