Monday 14 November 2011

How to change the Test case Title Length in Test Link ( Test Management Tool)

To use Test Link one of the blockers was to increase the Title size of the Test cases. Default Test Case in TestLink Title Size was 100,and as we have to send the Test Plan to external teams/ customers for review, it was a blocking point. No body wants to read the full test case and they wanted everything in title only, so we had to modify it.

If you are happy with the limit dont modify it, as developers dont recommend to modify these settings. Do it at your own risk and according to your requirement.

After digging through forums I have changed following things to increase the TestLink Test case Title Size . It is working in Version 1.8.5.

1) Go to http://localhost/xampp -> Your TestLink Server IP
2) Go to phpmyadmin-> or go to ur database
3) Select you datebase table
4) Search nodes_hierarchy table-> inside that search for "name"
5) Edit the field and increase the value from 100 to 255
6) save
7) Modify testlink/gui/templates/input_dimensions.conf
    Search and increase the value to 255
8) Save

Try giving more title length and it should work fine.