Monday 14 November 2011

Review of Test Management Tool Testlink

We are using Testlink version 1.8.5 for quite some time (almost a year). We have almost 8000+ test cases. When we started it was like no body wanted to use it and everyone was so comfortable in using excel sheets that even if they were told to use it, they will first update the results in Excel and then unwillingly do it in test link. Even Managers were more comfortable in using excel with all those formulas to know the current status of work done.

But slowly we pushed it, one person by person. When slowly they started using it and once all the test cases are uploaded in the test link, life was easy. Managers got used to immediately knowing the status of work progress and today after one year no body wants Excel, everything  is done in Testlink. Test case Creation, Assignment , execution, report generation, review of test cases , almost everything can be done using Testlink.

I think for small to medium size company who have QA groups can benefit most from this Test Management Tool  Testlink as it is completely free and they have active members in forum who replies almost immediately to the queries.