Wednesday 8 January 2014

Driving in India , Hyderabad

My experience with car driving and lessons :

1) Main Aim of Driving: Reaching destinations safe and sound and in the process not getting hurt or hurting other people.

and its "NOT"

 Showing driving skill to unknown people
 Making world record for fastest driving

2) Don't Panic, if car stops in between.

3) Put hand brake, if it stopped in between and you or on uneven roads. The car should not go back.

4) Maintain safe distance with other vehicles including deadly combination of "L" vehicles and women drivers.

5) Night time, if car stops, put off the light and again start. Don't try switching on vehicle while its lights are on.

6) Try to drive in your lane , and check mirror , if changing lane.

7) Do not try to cross road in front of bus, they will not stop for you.

8) Parking time , be more careful not to hit other parked vehicles.

9) IF you can not see some (behind) vehicle means they are trying to overtake you, reduce your speed and let them go.

10) Motorcyclists and auto-wallas are like unwanted blessings, from where they will come its difficult to know so keep your ears and eyes open all the time.

11) Consider people crossing the road as people walking in the garden, either honk them to listen to you and allow you to cross, or reduce speed to let them cross.

12) Try not to use mobile, loud speaker music while driving, you will miss few living people, who are trying to get your attention in either provoking you to drive
fast or trying to overtake you.

13) Let other people go if they are impatient and honking continuously, you have more important work in your life than getting mad at these people.

14) If people indicator are still on while they are driving in straight road, judge on case to case basis, they forgot to switch it off or they actually want to get to the side.

15) Its a skill , master it, keep practicing.

16) Keep learning, Keep driving and never forget the "AIM" of driving.