Sunday 1 December 2013

How to write professional mails, some sample professional mails.

I think i have covered it in one of my posts, but this is really important. Yesterday again i got one mail, which has its own mistakes.I am not claiming to be proficient in English or done any majors, but these are very basic and you should try to follow.

1) Read at-least 3 times your mail before sending it. Sometimes we think we have written properly, but if you read it again , you will realize how it is actually.

2) Dont write stories. Be precise and to the point. Write in points if you have multiple things to say.

3) Start first letter in "capital" and follow grammar rules.

4) Salutation: How to  address other person ? Generally private companies do not follow "Sir" policy but its better to confirm in your company. In India some people are used to be called as Sir and Madam, and if you don't use it, they may feel bad. But generally below can be used
  Hi, Hello, Dear ABC,  Dear Mr XYZ

5) Dont use 'Thanks and Regards' instead

Thank you

or just "Regards"

6)  "can you share" instead use "could you share"

7) "Please find the attached file' instead use 'The file has been attached for your reference' or "Please see attachment"

8) "As per your mail' instead use 'According to your mail'

9)'Please revert back' instead use 'Please revert'.

10) Dont use all capital letters it is considered as arrogant.

11) Avoid using exclamation marks, sometimes it may be considered as if you are making fun of them.

12) Avoid short forms or expand it at-least once.

13) Use spell check option, it is there in almost all email clients.