Sunday 25 November 2012

Join Testlink QA group for testing Testlink-Open Source test management tool

Testlink is one of the free open to use test management tool. If you are in QA or in testing and wants to join andy open source project , please do so by joining this group.

These are some schedule for Testlink release:

1. NEXT MAJOR RELEASE => 2.0 and We need HAVE ZERO ISSUE WITH MSSQL and the other DBMS,

2. NEXT MINOR RELEASE/FIX => 1.9.5  probable release date : 2012-12-01, do not expect special work on MSSQL

The testlink is supported on three databases : Postgres, MSSQL and MySQL

Its a huge tool, and to test it, the more people volunteer the better it will be. I am part of this team , and to work with other countries, other mindset, other culture, well, so many things to learn....

Join this group and explore new things, these are few pointers for you to start with :

Visit below links to get associated with it:!forum/testlink-qa

Keep Learning , Keep exploring !!!!