Wednesday 14 November 2012

IPv6 Certification Tests for individuals, Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification

Its quite some time i am using IPv6 in my setup. I gave some presentation on IPv6 also.

I was looking for some certification tests for IPv6 and i cam across this:

For individuals :

they have many levels, first level some basic questions, passed all.

For second level we need to do some work . Today i got the second level cleared , the "Explorer" certification.

We need to enable IPv6 on client machine.

In my office we have following setup:

                 public IP
Internet----------Router/firewall( NAT)-------------PC1(local ip)

The tunnel has to be created with Public IP, using their another free service

you will give : your public IP , and remote IP ( you can select from the list)

it will create the tunnel. Now got to your client machine , I have Fedora core 16 client machine . In website for all type of OS, you can get the commands: For me following is valid :


modprobe ipv6
ip tunnel add he-ipv6 mode sit remote 230.X.X.X local 192.X.X.X ttl 255
ip link set he-ipv6 up
ip addr add 2001:X:X:X::2/64 dev he-ipv6
ip route add ::/0 dev he-ipv6
ip -f inet6 addr

Make sure that the Local IP is the NAT actual Client IP and not the public IP as given in the example configuration of website.

Now ping

 ping6 -> should work fine

 go to and see if they can detect your IPv6 address.

Keep Exploring, Keep Learning !!!