Sunday 18 November 2012

How to pass Enthusiast Level of Hurricane Electric IPV6 Certification with Windows XP machine and BSNL connection !

Just now passed the third level of HE-IPv6 free certification (

This level we need to have one IPv6 capable host, one web server and one domain name to map the IPv6 address of the web server.

This all can be done if we use gogoCLIENT and Freenet6 Tunnel services. Both are free services, only one time registration is required.

The gogoClient can be downloaded from

With this client installed in Windows XP machine, we will get our own IPv6 static ip address, which can be tested  with , if the IP address is properly assigned or not. Also with its Home access version, we get web server also, with account related domain name.

Use this domain name, and web server configuration , you can create one file which is required to be fetched by HE server.

After this there are few basic questions to be answered, and the Certificate ->

IPv6 Certification Badge for sv3

Keep Learning , Keep Sharing  !!!!