Tuesday 30 October 2012

Lab Server to be migrated for dual stack ( IPV6 and IPV4)

We are migrating to dual IPV6 and IPv4 stack. I have to enable all servers for dual mode ( IPv6 and IPv4)

These are the servers to be migrated :

1) TFTP-Server

2) FTP Server

3) HTTP Server

4) Radius Server

5) DHCP Server

6) Syslog Server

7) NTP Server

8) Telnet Server

We use Windows 2003 server and Linux EL as servers , now for full IPv6 support we need Windows 2008 server and instead of EL I am using Fedora core 16.

So in few days i will try to configure all servers in FC 16 and once done, will move to Windows 2008 server.