Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to enable TFTP server in Fedora core 16 for IPv6 and IPv4

1) Install Tftp Server

     yum install tftp-server

2) "Flag IPv6" support both IPv4 and IPv6 communication

    Vi /etc/xinetd.d/tftp

     Change -> disable = no
                       flags = IPv6

3) systemctl restart xinetd.service

4) Verify if the server is running

       chkconfig tftp

  it should display "enabled"

5) The default directory is /var/lib/tftproot


If you run command

tftp ipv6-address , and in wireshark you observe "unreachable Administratively Prohibited"

this means that the firewall is blocking the packets , disable SELinux,iptables and ip6tables

Commands to disable Firewall

chkconfig iptables off

chkconfig ip6tables off

vim /etc/selinux/config
         change-> disabled

Reboot the PC


  1. Thanks for the hints about IPv6!
    Comments: It's bad practice and unnecessary to disable firewall and SELinux. The TFTP server works correctly with these. You must however add firewall rules to permit port 69/udp.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I completely agree, in production environment it should not be disabled and proper firewall rules should be added. This is just a quick fix for lab testing environment.



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