Monday 2 July 2012

Why there is difference in salary between Developer and Tester ?

Why there is difference in salary between Developer and Tester ? Who is responsible for it?

In product companies there is no salary difference, it is same. But in services company still there is difference.

Why ? It is because of "Experienced TESTERS" , the testers who started their career "screaming" that there should not be any difference in salaries but when they became Lead, Manager, Senior Manager, Director, Vice President. They start behaving the same way. Their mind became tuned to the "Difference". They themselves did not give importance to testers.

It reminds me of a story. There was a small elephant. When people caught that elephant they tied it with large ropes and left. The poor elephant tried hard, screamed , tried and tried but could not break open the ropes. So he submitted to the fate. He stopped trying and accepted the defeat. Now when he grew up they will tie him with a very small rope but as he has done it before and was not able to break it. He stopped trying and accepted the rope as it is and never try to break open.

Similarly when we join as freshers in testing team we scream to our seniors,  but no body listens. So when we become seniors we stop trying. Our mind gets tuned to it. And when we are in authority to change the things we wont do it. We treat juniors in similar way.

I have seen management ready to give equal salaries to tester and developers. But only our team seniors (testing team) opposes it and the gap still remains.

I request you, if you are fresher, you have passion to test and break the code. Speak up. Demand equal salaries. We are equal or better than developers as we have system knowledge, they have only their module knowledge. Why we should be considered as less ?

I request you, if you are in senior management position. Please bridge the gap in your company. Make them equal. One small change can do wonders....