Monday 9 July 2012

Installation : How to install Testlink 1.8.5

TestLink is web based test case management system. It has following things which can be used :

1) Collection of test plans and test cases

2) In Test cases ->we can add Summary, Steps , Expected result, Execution type, Test importance, Keywords

3) Each test case can be matched with requirements.

4) The folder structure in TestLink terminology is

            Test Project-> Test Suite -> Test Cases ( or child Test Suite )

       Mapping with Normal testing terms will be like :

               Project-> TestPlans-> Test Cases

  5) Only "admin" can create test projects/users.

  6) Leaders  can create Test Suite, Builds, Assign test case executions.

  7) Test Suites/ Test cases can be moved/ copied in single project. Copying from another project is not allowed.

  8) Once test cases are updated, leader can assign the test cases to testers.

 9)  The testers can mark the test cases as PASS/Failed/Blocked.

 10) Once the Test status is marked  as PASS/Failed/Blocked it cannot be changed to "Not run" again.
        However if new build is added again all test cases will become "Not run" .

Installation screen shots for Test Link


After installaition the login screen will come,  username : admin and password  : admin 

After login you will get main page with all the features :

 Test Project Management

Create new Test project Project_A


After "Create" the Home page  will have "Test Plan Management Tab" :

Create the Test Plan in "TestPlan Management"

Now Create the Test Suites

Add the Test Cases in Test suite

Create the Builds

For execution of test plan build is to be created.

Add/Remove users 

Assign Test cases to users

 For this add/remove the test cases to be assigned


Now Assignt the test case execution:

Execution by testers

The reports can be seen in Results section.