Friday, 8 June 2012

What will happen if you connect different subnet PC with Switch ?

Consider following scenario:

1)   PC1-----------------------L2 Switch ---------PC2                        

Try to ping from PC1 to PC2, will they ping?  Why?

Answer: They will ping but we need to do something...

2) What you should do to make them ping ?

Answers Here


  1. To do this we need to implement routing process on swithces

    1. No ...In L2 switch we do not have routing process..any other guess ?

    2. We do not have to touch on switch side make this work :-)

  2. Answer : If we connect two different subnet PC to a single switch they will ping if you configure default gateway in each one of the PC. Again two ways it can be done.

    1) Give default gateway as each other IP address in the PCs.

    2) Give their own IP address as default gateway.

    Why this will work ? Don't trust me, Test it !

    It will work because if the PC knows the default gateway, its job is only to get the ARP of default gw, form the packet and send to gw.

    Here as switch is connected between two PCs, it doesn't bother about IP's and will resolve the ARP and the PING will start.



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