Wednesday 13 June 2012

Myth of testing : Article from BjRollison ( Main purpose of Testing)

I came across this very nice article from Bj Rollison, the Myth of testing.,0,w

I completely agree with him and i recommend everyone to read this article  whether you are  in senior or junior positions in QA or testing.

It explains few very good points:

What is the main purpose of testing ?

a) Testing is to find bugs.

b) To ensure quality.

c) To give information about the product.

On what basis the performance of testers can be evaluated?

a) On numbers of bug he/she can found while testing.

b) Numbers of bug caught in his/her module once software is in field.

c) On new scenarios he/she can test

If you are a testing manager/director do you recommend

a) more salary for developers than testers

b) more salary for testers than developers

c) recommend same salary structure for both tester and developer

Who should be held responsible if many issues are caught in field in one module lets say XYZ module:

a) Testes who tested it.

b) Developer who developed it

c) Product managament team for not providing enough use case scenarios to testing and developement teams.

How software success can be measured ?

1) Smiley faces on customer surveys.
2) No bugs in field.
3) Customer and decision maker expectation meets.

State true and false:

1) Testing can eliminate all defects.

2) 100 % tested software means no defects exists in system .

3) Finding bugs in sowftware is finding fish in ocean.

Which is correct role of tester information provider or bug finder?

Read below link for answers,0,w

if you are into testing please respect your profession and respect fellow testers. One problem in this profession is we don't value this profession.

If you, yourself not give enough credit, no body else will....

Testing Zindabad !!!!