Tuesday 26 June 2012

How to enable tftp server filename and bootp file name in windows 2003 server for Bootp process

In windows 2003 server if you wants to add tftp server file name and bootp file name, we need to add dhcp options 66 and 67 as given below. Remember that the option 66 here does not set "sname" but  "siaddr"

   -----      ------       -----------

   op            1  Message op code / message type.
                    1 = BOOTREQUEST, 2 = BOOTREPLY
   htype         1  Hardware address type, see ARP section in "Assigned
                    Numbers" RFC; e.g., '1' = 10mb ethernet.
   hlen          1  Hardware address length (e.g.  '6' for 10mb
   hops          1  Client sets to zero, optionally used by relay agents
                    when booting via a relay agent.
   xid           4  Transaction ID, a random number chosen by the
                    client, used by the client and server to associate
                    messages and responses between a client and a
   secs          2  Filled in by client, seconds elapsed since client
                    began address acquisition or renewal process.
   flags         2  Flags (see figure 2).
   ciaddr        4  Client IP address; only filled in if client is in
                    BOUND, RENEW or REBINDING state and can respond
                    to ARP requests.
   yiaddr        4  'your' (client) IP address.
   siaddr        4  IP address of next server to use in bootstrap;
                    returned in DHCPOFFER, DHCPACK by server.
   giaddr        4  Relay agent IP address, used in booting via a
                    relay agent.
   chaddr       16  Client hardware address.
   sname        64  Optional server host name, null terminated string.
   file        128  Boot file name, null terminated string; "generic"
                    name or null in DHCPDISCOVER, fully qualified
                    directory-path name in DHCPOFFER.
   options     var  Optional parameters field.  See the options
                    documents for a list of defined options.