Wednesday 27 June 2012

How to enable option 66 ( Bootp filename) and option 67 (bootp or tftp server name) in tftpd server

I have covered in another post how to enable option 66 and 67 in windows 2003 server. TFTPD is anothe DHCP/TFTP server which can be used for testing. In this you can enable the option by modifying these fields:

Here both DHCP server and tftp server are configured on same TFTPD (same interface/same PC)

  Settings -> Bootfile name -> "imagename"
              -> siaddr (the address of tftp server, its own interface )

But looks like bug is present in this server, if we give these fields and the client requests for ip address with DHCPDISCOVER message the TFTPD server is sending DHCPOFFER with Client IP address set, which it is taking as some junk ip address as ( not sure why) and this value changes with different NIC cards.

So even if the Client sends DHCPREQUEST message it is setting this Client IP address filed to junk ip and "your client ip address" as proper. But then TFTP is not sending back the ACK.

Looks like some bug ...will have to confirm with some other clients.