Wednesday 16 May 2012

What are different switching modes? How switch forward data?

There are basically four types of  modes in which switch can operate:

1) Store and forward : Stores full packet in buffer, do CRC validation and if passed forward the packet.

2) Cut thorugh : Only 14 bytes receive, check destination forward the packet. Faster than Store and Forward.

3) Fragment-free : Checks for first 64 byte, if proper forwards the data.

4) Adaptive : Changes to any of the above modes based on CRC error count and runt count (possible collision)

Eg :    Store and forward switched : Dlink DES-1008PA 8-PORT, HP E6600  Cut through :        NETGEAR XSM7224S, Cisco Nexus 5010  Fragment free :   Cisco catalyst 2100 ( supports all )