Sunday 6 May 2012

[Project-Open] : How to increase file storage size ?

We are using Project-Open , project management system for time sheet and absence management. We are thinking to use it as master documentation system as well . It has file storage section which can be used to store files.

To enable the limit on single file upload we can modify it as below :

In  "C:\project-open\servers\projop\etc\config.tcl" change the maximum upload size to 200 MB. The default is defined as 20 MB. Shutdown and restart the server.

For me, I was able to upload the file approx 197 MB after the change in parameters. For 400-500 MB file size i think we need to modify other session time out parameters also, as given in below link.

As of now we have max size requirement of 30 MB, so no issues.

As i understand "File storage" section through its online documentation :

What ]po[ file storage doesn't have:

1) It has no version control system of files.

2) It will not initiate mails when files are uploaded, 

3) Folders have permission not the files.

What ]po[ file storage can do:

1) It can link files with projects. So all project related files can be kept at one place.

2) Permissions can be given, read/write/view/admin for viewing files.

3) Files can be searched with in the file storage ( need to see how ?)

4) Upload / Download can be tracked ( need to see how ?)

5) Status of folders by users ( closed or open ) can be tracked ( need to see how ?)

Will see how it goes !!!