Wednesday 23 May 2012

Ix Chariot VoiP test, MOS scores are not displayed , How to get the MOS score in IxChariot VoIP Pair.

I was running IxChariot between two endpoints as VoIP pairs. The idea was to get the MOS score between the host behind the access Point and the Wireless client.

So I installed IxChariot in one PC and seperate WinXP Endpoint in Wirless client.

Note that this is licensed software and is not available free. Qcheck is another software which is available free, given by IXIA and can be used for basic performance tests.

When i ran the tests, the test finished successfully but the MOS scores were not displayed. I ran again the test for 4-5 times with no success.

The support site of IXIA says this


    A VoIP test in IxChariot completes, but no MOS scores or one-way delay are being reported.


    VoIP tests require UDP clock syncing packets to flow between EP1 and EP2 over Port 10115. Also, a restrictive firewall can block types of

test traffic to flow between endpoints.


    Open Port 10115 for UDP in both directions through the firewall.


In my case there was no firewall involved so nothing could be done. OK so next step was to restart the Endpoint. I have observed that the Chariot performance reading depends a lot on PC configuration. Also if you run contious tests on same PC for long duration at some point you see throughput drop.I did not investigate the case but if we restart the EP ( Endpoint) the problem will go.

So i restarted the endpoint and Whola !! i started gettting the MOS scores :-)