Thursday 3 May 2012

How to start Absence Workflow in Project-Open?

We are using Project-Open 3.5 on Windows XP platform. We wanted to use it to apply absences and get approval.

For this i went through Workflow process documents of Project-open, and it seems like an ocean. The great part about it is, even if I read through all the documentation, i could not find any way, to do it.

So i went through forum and i got the answer. To enable workflow for absence approval, we need to

Go to -> Admin-> Categories->Intranet Absence Type->

Select the create Leave type  Like "Casual Leave" -> In string 1 give "vacation_approval_wf"

Restart the server. Now when you add any new Absence , you can see in workflow inbox , approve button will come.

Still we were not able to initiate "emails" when any leave is applied, searching in forums, hope to get some day  :-) :-)