Thursday 10 May 2012

Code of conduct when you join some open source forum!

First time when you join some forum its always good to follow some basic things like:

1) Please be patient while asking question, thanks them when they are trying to help you. And do some basic research before asking question. No body is free, and its their wish if they want to help you or not.

2) Always remember ,if u do something wrong , its not only you , it affects all people like you. I have seen if its not anonymous question , people tend to form opinion for whole race or community based on the way you are asking questions. So don't repeat mistakes.

2) Basic rule is "state clearly what you intend to do and what is not happening" .

3) Don't spam the list with same questions. If you don't get answer, please don't post again and again the same question , begging for their help. Look for other forum, other places where you can get answer.

4) Always try to give more and more information  about the question, all logs, commands, your tried steps. Link to steps followed, reference to manuals etc. It should be like you tried your best to find the answer and as you couldn't , you are asking in forum.

5) Never forget to search the forum for the answer, before asking the question. Most probably you'll have someone who has asked similar question before.

This is very good link which explains "how to ask questions" . I recommend everyone who wants to join forum to go through this once.