Thursday 26 April 2012

DHCP option 82 how to enable in Windows and LINUX DHCP Server and DHCP Relay?

In Windows 2003 server "DHCP option 82" is not enabled by default. We need to follow below method to enable it.

In ISC-DHCP server we can add options tag in dhcpd.conf file to enable this option.

In ISC-DHCP Relay we use this command to enable this option :

dhcrelay -d -a server_ip

"-a" option add "Circuit id" to the packets passing through relay. In this "Remote id" is not enabled by default, we need to modify the code to use it. Also "link state" sub -option is not supported as of now , we need to modify the code to use it, not sure why in Release notes they say that it is supported. I did not see any proper code to support it. Also it doesn't have config file to add this option.

If you know how to do it please let me know.