Wednesday 7 December 2011

Why we hate to share our knowledge ?

Yesterday i came across a classic case of " I know but i won't tell" type of people. I met this person and he said that i have spent hours understanding them why i should tell you? And i thought " Typical Indian Mentality" Well I live in India and I am an Indian ,so i felt hurt from my own comments, and it let me think " Why we Indians does not want to share our knowledge". I have interacted with other countries professionals and they seem to be understanding and never fear to share their knowledge.

I did some analysis and came out with three categories of people:

1)  First category are of those who says that they know the answer but actually they does not know the answer.

2) Second category are of those people who had struggled a lot in their life to reach the position in which they are now , and they think that by sharing their knowledge with others they will be left behind.

3) Third are really genius and intelligent people who thinks that "others" should do proper research or at-least try to find the answer on their own first, before asking them.

My classic case comes in second category and i could map almost all cases in one of these categories.

My view with proper disclaimers :-)

" Sharing your knowledge with others does not decrease you knowledge but increases it by leaps and bounds" When we share/ discuss with others we come across many questions which helps us to understand the issues and the topics more clearly.

Body will go but the mind/ thoughts/ knowledge shared by each one of us will remain forever in one form or the other.

So "Keep Sharing and Keep Learning "