Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What you reply when you receive wrong email !

I have been receiving emails not intended to me for quite sometime. I am looking for some 2 words like "Wrong number" , which everyone knows and tell once they receive calls which is not for them

I have tried replying to them with :

"Wrong ID "

"Wrong Email"

"Wrong Person"

"Ask Correct ID"

"Type Properly"

"Not ME"

"Ignored by ME"


 Can you suggest which one looks more kind of "OK" ?

Keep Learning , Keep Sharing!


  1. Don't reply! Proably not applicable in your case but actually there are some spammers who intentionally give the unsubscribe link at the bottom of their message. If a user clicks on it, it confirms the spammer that the user email id is active and the user now starts getting even more emails from different sources since spammers trade email addresses.

    1. Correct Bhaskar, but these are not spams. They are genuine mails, but may be because of similar email or something, people send me these mails.
      Once i got some guys offer letter, so its doesn't feel right, not to reply them.



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