Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How to open wireshark captured packet in Colasoft packet builder or packet player ?

Colasoft  has two very useful tool for testing. Colasoft packet player and Colasoft packet builder. Using these tools you can modify the packets and send it to your network for testing.

Also if some packets you have captured using Wireshark, you can save that packet in ".pkt " format and open in Colasoft player tool to send it continuously overnight.

If you use any other format other than ".pkt" the Colasoft tool wont recognize it and you cannot open it.

You can download Wireshark and Colasoft tools from below location. Both are free and are must have tools on testing PCs


  1. .pkt extension is not working. so what should i do now

    1. Well, it should work. How you are doing it? The procedure should be

      1) Start wireshark , capture the packets

      2) Stop the capture.

      3) Go to -> Save as-> default option will be selected ( in save as type->wireshark/tcpdump/..-libpcap (*.pcap,*.cap) ) is there.

      4) Give file name as test.pkt

      5) Open Colasoft-> import the packet, this "test.pkt" should get imported.

  2. So one other thing I've learned about playing back .pkt files in ColaSoft is that it doesn't seem to like any other characters in the file name than alphanumeric. i.e. - no dashes or underscores. Once I have one continuous file name ColaSoft seems to kick-off without issue.

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